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Its okay to not feel good.

The problem in most New Age circles is that there is an idea promoted that everyone’s goal in life is to be as happy and prosperous as possible and that feeling wonderful and amazing 24/7 and “free” of pain, hurt, or suffering is the key to unlocking our true potential. We’ve touched on this before but I feel as if we should bring it back again. When Elisa posted a channeling with Erik that Jamie did a few weeks ago, her blog members were baffled at Erik saying that life is “not” about attaining perfect happiness. Even though anyone from any walk of life will give you numerous instructions on how to avoid suffering and that you should constantly aim to feel good - You should also give YOURSELF the A-OK to have a really fucking shitty day, week, month, or year. Maybe you’ve just been having a really shit time and everything around you seems terrible. You’re frustrated and you’re trying to hold yourself back from crying your eyes out because you’re fighting to keep your composure. You feel as if you’re so beaten down that all you want to do is crawl into a ball and hide from the rest of the world - it is completely OKAY to feel this way.

What’s important is that you eventually learn to pick yourself back up even if you fall back down again. All of you are living lives where the one thing that you’re most afraid of might find a way to crawl back in and stare you dead in the face. You’re all .. we’re all, including us.. are going to experience periods of time where everything just plain sucks and no amount of preaching and “It Gets Better” videos on youtube or any self remedy will seem to help. When you’re going through this - feel it. Just let yourself feel it. I’m no expert on suffering but Kurt and Christina on this blog are champions of the belief that its okay to let yourself go for a while - - to completely and utterly unleash what you need to opposed to keeping it locked inside.

The point of this post is to encourage everyone out there to not be ashamed of feeling something that others might deem as ‘negative’ because NO one is perfect. We’re all going go through shit periods and its okay to not be at your ‘best.’ Its okay to not have it all together. Its okay to feel as if you’ve completely fucked up everything and you just need to find some place to vent. Suffering is such a key element of being human. It has nothing to do with being ‘less evolved’ or childish or naive. To feel pain in any degree is not shameful. Don’t lock yourself in a box where you try to tell yourself that you have to suppress your feelings for any empty, gleaming, and romanticized ideal. What’s important is that you stay true to your feelings - whether you feel positive or negative because those feelings make you “you”. The *point* is to let neither the idea of being completely happy or living in complete pain control you. Its OKAY to embrace both - to believe that you can revel in your good days along with your bad ones.

From a spiritual standpoint not being afraid of your emotions is the ultimate catharsis. When you’re not afraid of them you’re ultimately not afraid of facing YOURSELF. So even though its nice to try to be a champion of self improvement you can’t really go anywhere unless you face your inner darkness. The most you can do with your darkness is let yourself feel it and find the best outlet to express it.

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Never feel as if there’s anything shameful in not feeling 100%. It does not make you less than and it does not make you weak.

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There is a theory that watching unbearable stories about other people lost in grief and rage is good for you—may cleanse you of your darkness. Do you want to go down to the pits of yourself all alone? Not much. What if an actor could do it for you? Isn’t that why they are called actors? They act for you. You sacrifice them to action. And this sacrifice is a mode of deepest intimacy of you with your own life. Within it you watch [yourself] act out the present or possible organization of your nature. You can be aware of your own awareness of this nature as you never are at the moment of experience. The actor, by reiterating you, sacrifices a moment of his own life in order to give you a story of yours.
Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays (via nonsensical—gal)



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